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Australia Subclass 457 Visa is basically for trained workers from outside the shores of the country who have been offered with sponsorship and nomination from a company/job-provider to work inside the nation, on a short-term basis. An Australian employer may offer sponsorship to a skilled worker provided they fail to come across a suitably qualified citizen or permanent resident of Australia to cover a trained job opening as mentioned in the list of the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations.


Eigibility for this visa is subject to theses provisions.

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Have sponsorship from an Australian employer to cover an immigration designated skilled occupation.

Have expertise, qualifications, know-how, besides an employment credentials which go well with those needed for the opening.

Have proved their English language proficiency

Are skilled for any applicable registration or licenses as needed for the designated job opening and

Have appropriate health cover.

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Benefits of this Visa

Australia Subclass 457 Visa enables an Australian company/job-provider to sponsor workers from outside Down Under for a qualified job inside the country.

Work inside the nation for a maximum period of 4 years

Usher-in their family members with them, and

Move to and from the country as frequently as desired.

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