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Under this provisional migration subclass applicant has to meet the point test on the basis Age, Skills, English Language and other requirements of relevant occupation assessing Authority to migrate to Australia. Besides basic requirements applicants must obtain nomination from State Government to live and work in specified regional areas of Australia or must be sponsored by relatives (Immediate blood relatives) living in designated areas of Australia. This visa is a 3 years provisional visa with an opportunity to apply for permanent residency after you have lived for 2 years and worked at least 12 months in a specified area of Australia. This application must be lodged through skill select system only. After 1st July 2012 applicants are no longer require to lodge application for state nomination before lodging Expression of Interest (EOI).


Current passing points for this visa subclass are 60.

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Nominated by State Government

Live and work in specified regional areas of Australia OR

Sponsored by a relative living in designated Areas of Australia

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Allows you to remain in Australia for up to three (3) years and requires you to live and work in a Specified Regional Area in Australia allows accompanying secondary applicants to work and study, but only in a Specified Regional Area of Australia. Provides a pathway to permanent residence

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