Tourist Visa

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The Tourist Visa (subclass 676) is designed for people who are NOT on the ETA Eligible Country list, or people who wish to take a trip to Australia for longer than 3 months.


Tourist Visa Holders Must Conduct Themselves According To The Desribed Rules

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You must not study for more than 3 months while in Australia.

You must not work while in Australia

[Note: Voluntary work may be permitted]

if you intend to study for longer than four weeks, you may be required to pass a health examination before starting your course. Some countries are exempt from this examination.

Your visa may be granted with a No further stay condition. If this is the case, you will not be granted any other visa (except for a Protection visa) while you remain in Australia. This condition may be waived in exceptional circumstances.

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Benefits of this Visa

The Tourist Visa Allows You To Stay in Australia For:

A stay of up to 12 months, or a shorter period, depending on the purpose of the visit and your personal circumstances.

As a single or multiple entries to Australia.

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