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Canada’s Business Immigration Program seeks to attract experienced business people to Canada to support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy. The program includes three classes:

The Immigrant Investor Class

The Self-Employed Persons Class

The Entrepreneur Class

Business immigrants are expected to contribute to the Canadian economy by owning and managing businesses in Canada or by making an investment in the Canadian economy.

The Business Immigration Program allows experienced business people to immigrate to Canada and apply their capital, entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of markets and technology within the Canadian economy.


Investors must make a C$800,000 investment but are not subject to monitoring or other regulatory requirements once they arrive in Canada.

Entrepreneurs must invest and participate in the management of a business in Canada that creates at least one additional job for someone other than a member of their immediate family. They must report regularly on their progress.

Self-employed persons are selected based on their intention and ability to create a job for themselves in cultural or athletic activities, or to purchase and manage a farm in Canada. They are not subject to monitoring or other regulatory requirements once they arrive in Canada.


In addition to the usual documents required to support any application for immigration to Canada, you must provide documents that demonstrate your past business experience, such as:

  • financial statements
  • corporate and personal income tax returns
  • tax assessments
  • bank statements
  • business licences
  • minute books
  • letters of reference
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