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Work In Canada

Work Permit is a written authorization to work in Canada issued by the Canadian High Commission to a person who is not a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada. It is normally valid for specific period of time and for a specific job. The work permit is issued based on the Labour Market opinion through a HRSDC confirmation that the particular job is in high demand in Canada.


An HRSDC Confirmation for a job is an opinion given to the Canadian High Commission which helps determine the CHC that the employment of the foreign worker is likely to have a positive or a negative impact on the Labour Market in Canada. An HRSDC confirmation may be required in order for a work permit to be issued. The HRSDC confirmation process is initiated by the Prospective employer who contact and gets the job offer from the HRSDC. The form is then filled and submitted back to the HRSDC which further considers several factors including availability of Canadians and the offered wages to the economic benefit to the prospective foreign worker.


The Canadian High Commission must be presented with the fulfilling requirements of the Immigration and Refugee protection act and Regulations. The candidate must also:

Satisfy that the he would leave Canada upon completion of his employment in Canada.

Be a law abiding and with no criminal track record. A submission of Police Clearance certificate would be necessary.

Not be a risk to the security of Canada.

Be in good health after submitting complete medical examination report.

Produce any additional documents as required by the CHC.

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