TIER-1 Entrepreneur

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TIER 1 Entrepreneur

TIER 1 Entrepreneur Category is for those who have minimum net worth of £200,000 GBP or have access to £200,000 GBP from third party investment and who want to start business in the United Kingdom. TIER 1 Entrepreneur is an immigrant visa, initially granted for 40 months from outside United Kingdom, it can be further extended for two years. After spending 5 years in UK on this visa you will be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom.

You may apply as an entrepreneurial team with no more than 2 business partners with access to minimum £200,000 GBP available to invest in the United Kingdom.


In order to qualify you must meet minimum 95 points threshold.

Attributes Points available
Access to no less than £200,000 GBP:  25
Money is held in Regulated Financial Institute:  25
The Money is Disposable in the United Kingdom:  25
English Language Pass Marks: 10
Maintenance (Amount kept in your account for 90 days)  10


You must meet minimum English language requirement for TIER 1 Entrepreneur Visa, the minimum English language requirement is CEFR B1 Level (Equivalent to IELTS Band 4 in each component).


You must have held no less than £3100 GBP for the main applicant and £1800 GBP for every dependent family member for the consecutive 90 days in your bank account.

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